In a recent episode of Building Relationships hosted by Dr. Gary Chapman, Voddie Baucham sat down to discuss his new book What He Must Be if He Wants to Marry my Daughter. The interview actually occurred in July 2009 at a Christian publishing event.

The Crossway blog pointed out that Dr. Chapman had a familiar reaction to Dr. Baucham’s suggestions in his book. Chapman says,

“I’m not sure that American Christians are going to buy what he (Voddie) is saying, but I think we need to hear it.”

This book is one that several men at Basswood have recently gone through, and we recommend it to all men as encouragement in their fathering. The entire interview is worth the listen. You will find direct links to all four segments below.

1. Part 1     
2. Part 2     
3. Part 3     
4. Part 4