In this age of oversimplification run wild, many caricatures of the heros of the faith exist. Augustine and Luther both have pretty distinct misrepresentations. And, certainly, John Calvin has been pretty high on that list as well.

In honor of his 500th birthday Dr. Michael Jenkins has written an article taking on five of the most frequently communicated “myths” surrounding Calvin, his life, and his ministry. While not every one of the caricatures holds the same weight to us as it might to Dr. Jenkins, our understanding of Calvin has–in so many ways–been filtered through a modern reinterpretation of half-truths. What a help and encouragement to get a clearer picture of this man who contributed so much to Christian clarity and wisdom in our understanding of the Word of God.

For a taste, here are the five myths:

1. John Calvin was a sour puss.

2. Calvin was a tryant.

3. Calvin and calvinism are identical.

4. Calvin was a religious fanatic.

5. Calvin was sadistic.

HT: Tim Challies