In a recent commentary, Dr. Al Mohler writes concerning articles in Time Magazine and the NY Times Weekend Edition dealing with the reality that a remarkably large percentage of women describe themselves as increasingly unhappy.

Dr. Mohler asks of the movement: “Has feminism produced unhappiness among women?” Another way he could have asked this is to say: Will being what a man is make women happier? His answer is instructive:

In reality, feminism was never only about opening doors for women. In order to make the case for the vast social transformation that feminism has produced, the feminist movement aspired to nothing short of a total social, moral, and cultural revolution. Along the way, feminism redefined womanhood, marriage, motherhood, and the roles for both men and women.

Nevertheless, it appears that most women are uncomfortable with this total package. Instead of producing a vast expansion of happiness among women, the feminist movement must now answer for the fact that women, by their own evaluation, appear to be less happy than before the revolution.