This past Sunday, we dealt with the mortification of sin as an evidence of grace in the life of a believer.  It was noted that we must go back many years to find substantive teaching on this subject.  This work that stands as the seminal work on the subject is John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin.

J.I. Packer said, “I owe more to John Owen than to any other theologian, ancient or modern; and I owe more to [The Mortification of Sin] than to anything else he wrote.”

Most agree, though, that Owen is very difficult to get through, even for the most motivated reader.  For that reason, I’m very happy to refer you to Bob Thune’s work on Owen’s Mortification.  Bob Thune has outlined the book,  giving attention to the important concepts.  This will serve as a helpful resource, downloadable for free as a pdf., in guiding your study of this important matter.  You may find it here. I’m sure you will find it useful.