Moments ago, Matt Hudson and I visited online with Kyle.  (It’s 3:15 AM  there!)  He, Misty and the boys arrived in their new field of ministry in Southeast Asia.  Everyone managed fine on the long trip, though Josiah (who was running a temperature when they boarded in Charlotte) had reached his limit and was miserable the last fours of the trip.  The whole family slept from 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM, when everyone woke up.  He expects it will be about a week before they adapt to their new time zone.  Caleb Batchelor has been in the country for two days and is obviously sleeping just fine!  He gathered with an Indonesian church yesterday.  We expect to hear more from him overnight.  Just wanted to get word out that the they are all in country and doing well.  Pray for our friends as they settle in to their new home.   Ronnie Batchelor