In a very helpful couple of articles at The Gospel Coalition blog, Burk Parsons discusses how parents might keep a rich theology in front of our children in the area of prayer. These articles are both so helpful and refreshing and will encourage you even if you don’t have children, or if your children aren’t living at home.

Though there is simply too much good stuff to begin quoting (as it would just end up being a complete reprint), one sample from Parsons’ second article is:

Let them see that prayer isn’t simply telling God what we want or need but responding to him in dependent adoration from a heart overflowing with what we know he wants for our holiness and for his glory and his kingdom. We pray with our eyes focused on his kingdom, not our own kingdoms.

What a great word of encouragement! We pray that God would raise up among the families of Basswood Church such a Christ-fixated, gospel-focused generation of children that all of our prayers would be “responding to Him in dependent adoration”!