This is the wonderful truth that a book we received at a family gathering last year teaches. Sojourn Community Church has produced at least two preschool books that take as their aim explaining the way that the home and the church work. I found these books immensely helpful with my little ones.

The first book, Our Home is like a Little Church by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles, Illustrated by Tessa Janes, focuses on the ways that God had designed the family to function spiritually. Wonderful truths fill the pages like,

“We pray and praise God at our house. He makes our family glad. Our home is like a little church. The pastor is my dad.”

It’s a great one to read over and over to little ones to help them see how God has planned the family to work.

One of my favorite pages pictures a young girl, tear running from her eye, with her loving father bending down with his hand comforting or maybe instructing. It says,

“At home my daddy says to me each time I disobey,
‘That’s why we all need Jesus’ love to take our sins away.’”

That is a truth that all of our children need to hear frequently.

The second book we were given was What is the Church? by Mandy Groce and Bille Bell, Illustrated by Tessa Janes. The introduction says that the aim of the book is “to teach preschool children that the church is not a building. It is a people that God has called together and made alive by faith.”

I was particularly taken by the section dealing with missions. It says,

“We’re missionaries–ALL the church!–
who go to serve and preach.
We love no matter who the soul
and help those in our reach.

Sometimes we travel fart to reach
the need, lost and poor.
At other times we do the same
for those who live next door.”

Now that’s a theology your family can sink its teeth into! And, one that will encourage even our youngest ones with right thinking about God, the church, their families, and their own need for Christ! Soli Deo Gloria!

If you’re interested in these books, you can read more about them or buy them here and here. You can also find a pretty great list of other recommended books at SojournKids.