The Desiring God blog recently had a couple of very short entries that caught my attention. The first was on helping our boys become men. It’s a quote and summmary from a helpful article by Vern Poythress. The entire article is commendable and would encourage some great areas of thought for Christian fathers and mothers! The second interesting post was an old quote from John Piper’s pen on identifying a woman who fears the Lord. It’s quite encouraging and challenging.

I’ll give the summaries of each here, but don’t let that keep you from going to both articles linked above. They aren’t that long and would surely encourage you Christward.


Six training components from “How to Help Your Boys Become Christian Men”:

  1. Knowledge of the contents of the Bible.
  2. Memorization of selected verses and passages of the Bible.
  3. Knowledge of the major teachings of the Bible (doctrine).
  4. Personal piety.
  5. Projects of service and mercy. Serving the church; serving the needy.
  6. Wisdom in dealing with various spheres of life.
Again, I heartily recommend the entire Poythress article from which these principles have been drawn as the explanation is much more helpful than a retelling of the points.
Four marks of a woman who Fears the Lord.
  1. First, a woman who fears the Lord is not anxious about the future.
  2. Second, the woman who fears the Lord has practical wisdom.
  3. Third, the woman who fears the Lord is strong.
  4. Fourth, a woman who fears the Lord will live not for herself alone but for others, especially her husband, if she is married.
Dr. Piper gives helpful explanation of each point along with support from God’s Word. Take the time to read both articles, you won’t regret it.