Over the past year, the Basswood family has been beyond patient as we have adapted to the space limitations of our current facility. We are so thankful for the many precious people that God has brought us, but this blessing has made togetherness a challenge. On a typical Sunday, we will seat people in rooms across the building to watch the service on TVs, often dividing families.  This also makes it difficult to see everyone. Clearly, this situation needs correcting.

We have looked in earnest for close to a year for a facility to rent. Few viable options emerged given our particular needs (including a meal each week.) In the meantime, Christ Church Knoxville approached us about renting our building. This month, we have shared our space.

We have, in recent weeks, found an option that we believe will serve our congregation well. The Knoxville Convention and Exhibition Center at Worlds Fair Park (located beneath the Downtown Holiday Inn) has space available for us to meet on Sundays.

The room is spacious and will allow us to keep families together (a core value that has been difficult to honor this year.) They will permit us to share a meal together each week as has become our custom.  We expect to break even financially given the expenses that Christ Church will assume on the Basswood Road facility. You can refer to the pictures and overhead map to get a sense of the area. Parking is available in the building as well as at several free lots downtown.  This area is easily accessible from all parts of the city and can be found easily.  (The entrance is at the base of the Sunsphere at Worlds Fair Park.)  This entrance is a convenient place for families to be dropped off if you choose to park off site.  Naturally, as with any change, this will require some adapting and adjusting, but we feel it is worth it to, once again, be together.
In order to allow the church an opportunity to see the space we’re considering, we have arranged a visit for Wednesday, September 7, at 7:00 (During the time our home groups ordinarily meet.)  It is likely that you have questions, so please feel free to contact an elder.  We are planning a congregational meeting during Second Session on Sunday, September 11 to act on this proposal. Please be praying!