At Basswood Church, missions is very personal. So much more than just a check to a fund, we have a particular family that the Lord called forward from among us whom we support directly, and who serves in Southeast Asia as “goers” from among us. What a blessing it is for us to give of our resources, time, and prayers to come alongside them in the Great Commission work that they are doing on our behalf there.

From a conversation with the Blaze family this morning, we wanted to share some of the most recent praises and prayer requests Kyle had from the field:

  • Baby Elizabeth As most of you know, Elizabeth Piper was born to the Blaze family on March 28th. Mom and baby are continuing to do well. Of course, there are all sorts of schedule changes for sleeping. It seems like Elizabeth may already be on Eastern Standard Time instead of SE Asia time! But we all give the Lord great thanks for His kindness to bring her safely to the Blaze family and for His continued care for her and the Blaze boys. Pray that the Lord would–from her youngest years–be drawing her to Himself along with Elijah and Josiah.


  • Vehicle Update Just a few months back, we made known the need for a vehicle so that the Blaze’s could depend less on public transportation, which they have been using for the past two years. With a growing family and the unsafe nature of that system, the time had come for an investment in a vehicle for the family. Kindness poured in from God’s people and Kyle purchased the family a reliable vehicle that they will use both for ministry and for their own travel needs.



  • Vision Clinics One of the ministries in which the Blazes have been active recently is training indigenous evangelists and believers to utilize very simple and straightforward optical exams and glasses fittings. One local brother, whom we’ll call “U”, was able to complete the training and then provide eye examinations and care for people in a village where he had received direct persecution for his stand for Christ. What a joy to see him carry both the gospel and physical care to these same people.


  • Yayasan (Foundation) As a part of the ministry, Kyle has been active in building a formal foundation (“Yayasan”) under the consent of the government that would permit his work in social ways (like the vision ministry above). It is a part of our church’s work as well. Kyle refers to it as our Yayasan. There is some great news to share about the ongoing approval process with the Yayasan. It was previously approved under a social status, but has also been in the process of being vetted by the local and national government under a religious status. This is no small thing. It is HUGE! This is not an approval that many missions agencies even pursue, because they expect to be rejected. But, the Lord has done great things! Several of the first hurdles have already been cleared for approval, and now Kyle is simply waiting for word back that the final approval has gone through! God has done something that many inside and out of Gospel worker circles in that nation said could not happen, and certainly not in merely 1 year. Thanks be to God.


  • Fall Furlough The Blazes and the elders have been in prayer for the last few months about the possibility of their return to the US to visit their families, to spend time fellowshipping with us, and taking time away to recharge for the work ahead. We are excited that there seems to be a growing clarity that such an opportunity would fit well this fall. So, there will opportunities to spend time and get to know the Blaze’s in a very personal way in the coming months! They have already said how excited they will be to be home with us and to meet some of the newest Basswood families whom they’ve not had the privilege to know yet. Be praying for the details to come together in such a way that allows for both their enthusiastic ministry among us and a real time of rest as well. Also, be praying about how you can be involved in serving this family while they are with us.


  • Preaching Opportunities The Lord has been kind to bring multiple preaching opportunities to Kyle over the past few months. He is having a voice among the many English-speaking expatriate families in his area. Pray that Kyle will have wisdom and boldness as he preaches the unadulterated and unpopular BIBLICAL gospel of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as the only means to salvation.

As always, we continue to encourage you to be proactive in your support of the Blazes. And you have been so good at this. But, as a reminder: Do not wait for a call for funds, pray about what you can give now. Do not wait for an invitation to communicate with them, we encourage direct contact via email and Skype (contact us for more information). Do not wait for a call to prayer, pray daily for this family in a hard place.