Each week, we at Basswood pray for an unreached people group.  This week we are praying for the Xiang people.

If you forgot to take a bulletin back home with you this past Sunday, here is the overview that was provided:

People Group:  Han Chinese, Xiang

Country:  China                                                                                 

Population:  35,228,000

Primary Religion:  Regional, Ethnic Religions

The Xiang are traditionally acknowledged as the most stubborn and proud of all Chinese peoples. The people themselves are the most clannish and conservative to be found in the whole empire, and have succeeded in keeping their province practically free from invasion by foreigners and even foreign ideas.  Recently there has been an upsurge in religious interest in Hunan, as people seek to fill the spiritual void in their hearts.  A monastery in Hunan has witnessed tens of thousands of pilgrims arriving to worship the three ‘gods’ of Communist China – Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai and Zhu De.  This pilgrimage has set alarm bells ringing in the local government over the revival of superstition. In 1861 Welsh missionary Griffith John met a Hunan military mandarin, who boasted of the “glory and martial courage of the Hunan men, and said there was no danger of their ever believing in Jesus or of His religion taking root there.”

Additional Information:

  • Of the 35,228,000 which make up this people group, 0.30% are said to be evangelicals.
  • It is estimated that 72% have never heard the gospel, 26% have heard it but remain hardened, and 2% have allegiance to some form of Christianity (not specifying whether it is adherence to the true gospel or not.)
  • The Xiang currently do not have a copy of the Scriptures in their language.

This information is drawn primarily from www.joshuaproject.net.