Each week we at Basswood pray for an unreached people group. This week we are praying for the Siamese people of Thailand.
People Group: Siamese (Tai, Central)
Country: Thailand
Population: 20,166,000
Primary Religion: Buddhism

The follow information was taken from Joshua Project. If you would like to read the whole article, you can find that webpage here.  Here are a few lines from the article that seemed particularly helpful when praying.

  • Theravada Buddhism was introduced in Thailand in 329 B.C. Almost all of the Tai are devout followers of Buddha (“the enlightened one”) and seek to eliminate suffering and improve their future by gaining merit in pursuit of perfect peace, or nirvana. They believe that merit can be acquired through feeding monks, donating to temples, and attending worship services.
  • The Central Tai are unusually polite, respectful, and hospitable people. Their children are brought up to respect those of a higher rank, with additional emphasis on independence and self-reliance.  One could pray that the self-righteousness of the Central Thai would be recognized as filthy rags and that their need for a Savior would be felt.
  • Thailand has serious public health problems. Hepatitis is prevalent and malaria is a problem in rural areas. HIV infections are epidemic in the cities.
  • There are approximately 0.20% Evangelicals.