Each week we at Basswood pray for an unreached people group. This week we are praying for the Simeulue people of Indonesia.

People Group:  Simeulue

Country:  Indonesia

Population:  51,000

Primary Religion:  Buddhism

The follow information was taken from Joshua Project. If you would like to read the whole article, you can find that webpage here.  Here are a few lines from the article that seemed particularly helpful when praying.

  • Awareness of this small island has heightened in the past few years due to the Tsunami and frequent earthquakes that have directly impacted life there.
  • The Simeulue people are 0.00% Christian, while being virtually all Muslim. They are very proud that there are no churches, temples or any other religions present among them. Despite their exclusive Islamic status, many are still influenced by animistic beliefs and various superstitions.  These beliefs are focused upon seeking protection through magic or concoctions to appease or control both good spirits and mmot or roh Setan (ghosts and evil spirits).
  • The average penduduk (resident) will know little depth of Islam, and far less of any other religion, only that which they have heard.
  • …the island needs community developers and those who have knowledge of farming , fishing, health care, education, etc. who can help them improve their methods and cast a reproducible vision that can be adopted by residents all over the island.
  • The Simeulue do not have a copy of the Scriptures in their language.