Each week we at Basswood pray for an unreached people group. This week we are praying for the Gelao people of China.

People Group:  Gelao

Country:  China

Population:  671,000

Primary Religion:  Ethnic Religions

The follow information was taken from Joshua Project. If you would like to read the whole article, you can find that webpage here.  Here are a few lines from the article that seemed particularly helpful when praying.

  • The Gelao are primarily ancestor worshipers.  They also worship the gods of giant trees, of mountains, of sky and earth, cows, etc.
  • This people group is .09% Evangelical Christian.
  • Considering the primary language is Mandarin, the Gelao people have a copy of the Scriptures in their language.  You can follow the link above and listen to the audio version of the New Testament.  This may be a helpful tool to use when introducing this people group to your children in family worship.
  • Little fruit remains from the work of previous missionaries.