Ever feel overwhelmed? Does it sometimes seem like the calling of “Mom” or “Dad” is just too big for you? If so, you are in good company. In fact, it seems like if we don’t feel this way, that itself could be symptomatic of deeper issues.

Maybe you’ve had more than one of these “end of the rope” experiences. Maybe your experience is that sometimes it feels like this is your new “normal”. Here’s how Ted Tripp describes his experience recently in a very helpful article:

I felt that I’d nothing left to face the next day of a thousand sibling battles, a thousand authority encounters, a thousand reminders, a thousand warnings, a thousand corrections, a thousand discipline moments, a thousand explanations, a thousand times of talking about the presence and grace of Jesus, a thousand times of helping one of the children to look in the mirror of God’s Word and see themselves with accuracy, a thousand “please forgive me’s” and a thousand ” I love you’s.” It seemed impossible to be faithful to the task and have the time and energy to do anything else.

Reading this article, though, will most certainly take you from this place of despair and into a place of hope. Tripp recounts what for him was a paradigm shift in his job description.

Tripp leaves us with the very helpful counsel that in parenting:

  1. We have no ability to change our children.
  2. But, in order to be a tool of grace, we need grace ourselves.

Reading this article will likely serve many parents caught in the throws of the battle. The task of parenting is beyond us all. Thank God, His grace is sufficient even for this.