Breakfast BuffetSomehow, it seems appropriate (and Scriptural!) that noteworthy days be accompanied by celebratory feasting!   And it’s hard to imagine a greater reason for celebration than Christ’s triumphant resurrection from the dead!  We recognize, of course, that every Sunday is an Easter declaration, but once a year, it becomes — in a special way — the dominant focus of our gathering!   So, this Sunday (3.31) we will feast!  Because this involves altering our schedule, we want to get word out about these changes.  As we have done for years, we will start our Lord’s Day by gathering at 9:15 for a huge breakfast!  Generally, people bring breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, fruit, biscuits and gravy, country ham, muffins, etc.  — spectacular dishes, reflective of the greatness of the occasion!  After we eat, at about 10:30, we will gather for worship, centering our minds and hearts on the great theme of the day — Christ has risen from the dead!  What a cause for celebration!