Our elders have been approached frequently about the possibility of training leaders, planting churches, and sending missionaries at Basswood Church. We eagerly desire to affirm and send called, qualified, and accountable men in each of these situations. Yet, it is clear to our elders that we need adequate time to accomplish this, more time than a brief internship or training program could afford. We need ample time to faithfully prepare and examine men’s lives, character, and calling. As well, this kind of time investment must necissarily be undertaken while also ensuring that we can fulfill our own shepherding duties.

We are actively praying that the Lord will lead us to the most God-honoring and biblical approach to the practical questions concerning methods of calling and sending. But, until the time that a more defined process is settled on, our current process is this: We are relying on building lengthy relationships week by week with men who are able to live near enough to Basswood Church to join and become a part.

This obviously requires that while we might freely counsel and encourage men in other places, we will only be able to invest in the examining, equipping, and affirmation of men who are willing to live in our area and join in our work here. And even then, this process should not be understood as some sort of certification process, but rather an intentionally slow and lengthy building of trust and confidence in the work God is doing in raising a man to serve His body and bride.

The Elders of Basswood Church